5 Best Home Beauty Devices For Home Use

Technology is transforming every aspect of our lives, including beauty. If you get hold of the best beauty devices for home use, you’ll conveniently and easily pull off that dream look at the comfort of your home. Nowadays, you don’t need to visit your dermatologist to access beauty devices as you can acquire them and use them at home. Even better, they work to improve the effectiveness of creams, serums and any other beauty products you use at home.

Do you want to give your daily beauty routine a boost? Here are simplified reviews of the best beauty devices for home use.

Our picks for the best Domum beauty devices fall under various categories, as discussed below.

Light therapy devices

With light therapy, you can trigger specific skin cell reactions to get targeted benefits.


This is a full face mask that utilizes red and blue light therapy to smoothen the skin by reducing wrinkles and blemishes.

Hair removal devices

Hair removal devices are dear to many beauty enthusiasts as they are a painless alternative to shaving and waxing.

2. Tria 4x

Using a combination of radiofrequency and intense pulsed light, this device removes hair efficiently and safely from all skin types.

Dermaplaning devices

Dermaplaning is a crucial skincare routine that involves exfoliating (removing dead skin) in preparation to receive beauty ingredients.


This device uses light sonic vibration to remove dead skin leaving everything leveled up and in a striking youthful look.

Massage devices

Whether you just want to depuff the skin or enhance penetration of the beauty products you use, a massage device comes in very handy.


This is an alternative for hand massage that can heat/cool the skin to enhance depuffing and products penetration. This massaging device works to help in lymphatic drainage.

Microneedling devices

Do you want a real dermatologist experience at the comfort of your home? A micro-needling device will offer this and more. This technique uses controlled injury to stimulate collagen production and thus improve skin texture and evenness.


This is the kit you need to microneedle your entire body. It comes with roller heads of various sizes to accommodate smaller areas such as lips and larger areas such as the face.


Make your cosmetic treatments highly effective by investing in some of these beauty devices for home use. The beauty tools listed above are tried and tested and very straightforward to use. As the technological aspect of beauty changes for the better, you need to keep tabs by acquiring these home beauty gadgets aimed at rejuvenating your skin.

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